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Dejah Ro, a Haitian American eclectic Oddball. The rising star resides in sunny south Florida and is better known for fusing  her soulful sound with  an urban, pop & Caribbean touch.

The singer/songwriter had an early taste of the music when she was given the opportunity and privilege to pay tribute to the Iconic Betty Wright. She was only five years of age at the time. A love spell for R&B & Pop music was in full affect ever since.With an electrifying presence, classy demeanor, and sexy edge, Dejah’s ability to leave a positive, lasting impression on people comes quite natural.

Some calls it an “It factor” The God given ability to command attention and do it effortlessly. It’s ones ability to communicate effectively using just His/Her eyes and body posture. For Dejah, it’s also the warmth in her personality, the genuine smile, matched with a steadfast determination for success.

Dejah Ro is rapidly becoming one of the hottest, and most talked about names in the urban/pop music scene; recently teaming up with rapper Zoey Dollaz. Not only delivering some of the most brilliant lyrics and melodies out, but  also producing a unique & captivating vocal texture that sets her apart from the bunch.

The sincerity in her delivery (whether on stage or in the studio) is extremely captivating. The name DEJAH means already and RO is the beginning of her last name, which is Rodney. Her belief is that God has already determined the outcome of her destiny & its her duty to push through and claim her legacy.


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